Evonik launches first plant-based feed additive

  • First plant-based product in the portfolio of Evonik Animal Nutrition
  • Flavonoid-rich plant extracts alleviate inflammation in sows, laying hens and dairy cows
  • PhytriCare® IM arises from the cooperation with Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition

Evonik aims to help keep sows, laying hens and dairy cows healthy with a new plant-based product. The product, called PhytriCare® IM, consists of selected plant extracts with a high flavonoid content. Flavonoids are known for their anti-inflammatory effects. The product is available immediately throughout the EU. Approvals in other countries have been initiated.

“Healthy animals are in the interest of us all,” says Dr. Gaetano Blanda, head of the Animal Nutrition business line at Evonik. “The farmer benefits from higher productivity, and the consumer can enjoy meat, eggs, or dairy products safe in the knowledge it is coming from healthy animals.”

Since the prophylactic use of antibiotics has been banned in Europe, many farmers are looking for alternative solutions to keep their animals healthy and productive. In addition to probiotics, various other product classes have become established, including phytogenics. Evonik Animal Nutrition adds plant-based PhytriCare® IM to its probiotics-based Gut Health Solutions portfolio.

Farm animals – like all living creatures – are exposed to a variety of stress factors and respond by activating the body’s defense mechanisms. If the stress continues at a higher level for a longer period, it can lead to chronic inflammation. As a result, animal welfare suffers. The animal then uses an increased share of its energy and nutrients for the immune system rather than for beneficial activities, such as growth and performance – sometimes for months or years. Consequently, production efficiency decreases and the animal’s ecological footprint increases.

“PhytriCare® IM was developed to prevent an overshooting of inflammatory reactions in sows, laying hens and dairy cows,” adds Nicholas Guthier, head of EMEA Region & Global Key Accounts at Animal Nutrition. “After all, female animals are particularly stressed by reproductive processes anyway.”

Evonik and Dr. Eckel rely on the natural anti-inflammatory effect of flavonoids in PhytriCare® IM. Some of these secondary plant constituents, numbering around 8,000, have been shown to influence certain biochemical processes in animals that are associated with inflammation.

PhytriCare® IM is a blend of carefully selected plant extracts covering a wide range of flavonoid subclasses. This blend targets a broad spectrum of inflammatory pathways to modulate, but not suppress, the inflammatory response.

The plant parts are well-chosen, gently processed and produced at Dr. Eckel. This ensures a final product of consistent quality with a minimum content of ten percent flavonoids.


For further information: evonik.com/phytricare