In Swine Versation: Diverse Pork Industry passion and drive with Jim Magoloski

Senior Director of Hog Quality and Protocols, Jim Magoloski from Perdue Quality Meats and Niman Ranch joins us.

We discuss Jim’s journey, career path and how he got involved in the Pork Industry. Key points of focus in his job from live animal Genetics, Nutrition, Compliance, Segment of production business. We also discuss the five-and-a-half-year journey from Niman from Genetics from Europe. We touch on Prop 12, and how Niman is a supporter of this. We also examine with Jim the Niman ranch conference and Producer meetings along with Ag Technology/Farm Tech and how to be better for tomorrow then today We wrap on the Magoloski Way. Jim’s motto that staying status quo is not good enough and how to strive for continuous improvement.

About our guest
Responsible for the genetic, nutrition, compliance, and pork quality programs that support the Niman Ranch and Coleman Natural Pork producer networks. Jim additionally oversee the sow farm operations.