Olymel Welcomes Mexican Workers to Cornwall

Olymel’s workforce is growing, and once again they are welcoming new team members not only to Cornwall, but to Ontario and Canada as well.

A group of 11 workers from Mexico have arrived in Cornwall and have started their integration with the Olymel family.

“The last couple of weeks have been exciting and full of wonderful emotions, says Shelly Harding, Human Resources Manager with Olymel Cornwall. “As we take the initiative of welcoming new foreign workers, we thank them for choosing us and assisting Olymel through these tough times. We also thank our employees at Olymel who supported, helped and welcomed the foreign workers with so much passion and appreciation.”

Olymel has steadily grown its workforce in Cornwall to meet rising demand for its products. It has also stepped us its recruitment efforts and increasingly has looked outside of Canada to meet its growing needs. One such initiative is to explore opportunities such as the Temporary Foreign Workers Project. Last year the company welcomed 49 foreign workers to Canada, and has adopted a target of hiring another 100 new employees.

Olymel’s work to attract foreign workers mirrors other efforts in the community to bolster support programs for immigrants as local employers look to grow their workforce.

“On behalf of City Council I am pleased to welcome these newcomers to our community,” says Mayor Glen Grant. “Cornwall is a great place to start a new career in Canada, and I am sure our newest residents will soon discover the charms of living and working here.”

The workers have made a commitment to work for Olymel for 2 years, during which time the company hopes that many will seek to pursue permanent residency status.

Source: Choose Cornwall