Swineweb.com, the online leader in pork industry news, is excited to announce a new team member

In order to maintain its place as an industry leader and to complete its ambitious expansions planned in 2022, Swineweb.com will expand. Jeff Day will join the team as Editorial Strategist. Mr Day has over twenty years of experience leading soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces. His education includes an MBA from Webster University, a Master of Arts in Military Operations from the United States Army School of Advanced Military Studies, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Jim Eadie, founder of Swineweb.com said, “Jeff brings a new set of experiences and expertise to the team. With his support, I am confident we will be able to not only achieve, but exceed our goals in 2022. The end result, will be a better product for Swineweb.com’s readers, customers, and partners.”

Jeff Day said, “I’m really looking forward to continue to work with Jim and Swineweb.com in the future. Over the past year we have been collaborating on several projects and this is the next step. I grew up on a Cow-calf farm and hope to take over the family operation at some point. I may even add a few swine to the mix.”

Jeff can be reached at:


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