What should we know about soybean crush expansion? – Dr. Keenan McRoberts and Mac Marshall

A lot has been going on in the US soy market nowadays: a major expansion in the soybean crushing industry, which is mainly driven by the current and potential demand for renewable diesel. That scenario implies some uncertainties for the soybean market in the upcoming years, as we see a critical shift in the industry from “crushing for meal” to “crushing for oil.” Thus, what should swine producers and nutritionists know about the soybean crushing industry? To answer that question (and many others), I have a great conversation with Mac Marshall and Dr. Keenan McRoberts in today’s episode, both from the United Soybean Board. We discuss the challenges and opportunities of the topic and the way it can impact the animal market.

“Overall, we’re still in a strong demand environment for the soy complex – I see some exciting challenges over the next couple years, particularly on the meal fraction.” – Mac Marshall